The Two + Program


The TWO + PROGRAM at CELEBRATION PRESCHOOL is designed to provide each and every child with a positive experience away from home. Our high student to teacher ratio of 4 to 1 gives us the opportunity to provide the appropriate attention needed to begin the process of each child’s social, intellectual and physical development in the school environment.  Our main focus in the Two’s+ program is developing appropriate social skills and enhancing language development. Our curriculum also includes an introduction to colors, numbers 1-5, and basic shapes. We present these concepts through music, story time, free play and, art projects. It is our goal in the two’s program to provide a loving and nurturing atmosphere that will instill in each child a life long love of learning.

Tuesdays and Thursdays  9-11 AM

Join us for a classroom observation in January.  Please see our school calendar for the date and time.

Planting Seeds For The Future